Customer Testimonials

Here are some customer testimonials with their personal experiences using GUNSTIX and the proven efficacy of their design.

As with all my hunt equipment, I have to use it to believe it. My GunStix arrived quickly after the order (that in itself is worth noting when you ship anything to Alaska!) I sighted in at the range and shot in multiple positions at 5-20 degrees. I took them to the field with confidence. The strap that connects the fore and aft legs keeps them from separating under the gun and gives nice stability. I was pleased how you have a lot of maneuverability on the front platform. If that isn’t enough simply pivot on one leg to immediately get back on target.

We got on a skittish group of Musk Ox with a lot of yearling calves, many cows and a few nice bulls. They never really balled up and stood their ground. One nice bull stepped forward enough to clear a younger bull overlapping him. I was able to jam the GunStix in nicely to the snow, seated. Took a fine bull at 150yds with my Kimber 300 WM on Nunivak Island Alaska March 22, 2024.

Thanks for this product.
I think I need to give one as a present to my son and get another one for the farm.
Cyndie Fox

My wife and I took a set of the Gun Stix to Namibia back in July. I have to say that they worked really well for us.
My wife took this Impala ram at 250yds..DRT..the PH was impressed with her shooting.
She also took this Springbok using the stix at 245yds…
I took this eland using the stix too. The shot was only 75yds but I only had a small hole in the brush to shoot through…after 3 days of tracking eland in the brush it was nice to be able to make the shot….

The shot at this old gembok cow was 150yds…she dropped on the spot.
The PH was really impressed with these sticks. He had been using a bogpod tripod but once he tried the gunstix the bogpod never came out of the truck again. He said he was going to buy a set, but I gave him my set as a gift. I plan to get another set from Arjun soon…
These stix are a game changer..

Pronghorn antelope taken at 304 yards with GunStix

Pronghorn antelope taken at 387 yards with GunStix

This family used the GunStix in different shooting positions to have a steady platform for some long shots!

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