Key Features

Key features that make GUNSTIX the most stable, compact, versatile, light weight and easy to use shooting sticks on the market.

Light Weight and Compact Design

GUNSTIX are very portable making them easy to practice with and take on your next hunt. When closed they measure 32.5 inches and weigh just 2.4 lbs. This
lightweight construction makes them very easy to carry in the field. The strap that holds the sticks together also doubles up as a carry sling to put over one’s shoulder. The sticks come in a nylon carry bag that has backpack straps as well.

Versatile Shooting Position

GUNSTIX can be adjusted to be used from just about any shooting position! Standing, kneeling or sitting, taking shots on level ground, uphill or downhill are all within the capability of these sticks.

Solid Rest

GUNSTIX are very steady and easy to shoot off. Two shooters using GUNSTIX for the first time were able to place 6 shots within a combined group size under 2” inches at 100 yards. And a cluster of 6 shots from a 470 at 30 yards! With a little practice benchrest like shooting accuracy is quite possible under hunting conditions.

Quick Movement

GUNSTIX have a wide front forearm rest which allows the gun to be re-positioned quickly if an animal moves. For further movement lift up one set of legs and swivel them as required.

Strong Construction

GUNSTIX are constructed of fluted aluminum rods that are very strong and will not bend or break with normal use. However, they are not designed to be used as hiking poles and support the weight of a person.

Quick and Easy Setup

GUNSTIX have 8 lever style clamps to adjust the height of the sticks within seconds. There are 1/2 inch increments marked on each leg to make note of the height thus save time setting them up in the field the next time you use them. We recommend extending the top section fully and locking them in place and just adjusting the lower section to your height. This way you just remember the length on the lower section next time you want to use them. It’s that quick and simple.

Ideal for Women and Young Shooters

GUNSTIX are perfect for ladies and young shooters as the weight of the rifle is completely supported. Being able to rest the weight of the entire rifle makes all the difference in placing your shot accurately.

Rubber Hardware

GUNSTIX come with rubber hardware for both the forearm as well as the stock. This ensures that even high end polished wooden stocked rifles are safe from scratches and nicks.

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